Satsang :

Satsang is composed of two words—Sat + Sang. “Sat” stands for Truth or reality or essence. “Sang” stands for association or fellowship. Thus Satsang means: “ Fellowship with Truth”. So when a group of good people sit together and talk about the Ultimate Reality i.e. God, it is Satsang. Its effect is inevitable. During Satsang, the group singing produces spiritual vibrations touching the inner chords of devotees or other listeners. It is a Spiritual Ablution (Bath). Devotees emerge Pure without any Dross

A sadhak should try to attend the daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly/ Special Satsangs.

The Main activities in our satsang are:

  • Recitation of Scriptures : Amritvani,Bhkati Prakash, Ramayan-Sar, Bhagwad Geeta.
  • Jaap, Dhyan & Prarthana
  • Singing of Bhajans
  • Brief Discourses

Punctuality,Discipline and Simplicity are the main features of our Satsangs, which start and end on fixed time. Sadhaks sit in rows. There is perfect silence and orderliness. Our Satsang results in life-balancing, de-stressing and spiritual tuning.

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