Naam Deeksha (Initiation):

A Spiritual Master (the Enlightened One), like the Pole Star, guides the Ship of Life. Life without a true Spiritual Master is Life gone waste. In ‘Sri Ram Sharnam’ , the Enchanted Mantra which dawned upon Swami Satyanandji on Guru Poornima in 1925 at Param Dham Dalhousie is the Seed Mantra, the Ram Mantra. Swamiji started giving Deeksha in 1928.In Sri Ram Sharnam, Deeksha is based strictly on the lines of Swamiji.

Swamiji’s Own Naam Deeksha Methodology :

The way ‘Naam Deeksha’(initiation) is given and received in our satsangs is mystical in nature. In this particular way of Naam Deeksha , the Name or the Word, (Ram-Naam) is a alive and enlightened Mantra which is subtly placed in the subconscious mind of a person. That is why, the veneration of this Mantra is considered to be more comforting, more pleasurable and more fruitful than other spiritual practices. In this discipline, ‘Shree Ram’ Himself is the guide who helps the disciple as ‘He’ himself is the Founder Lord of this Mantra. A person reciting the ‘holy mantra’ must develope a resolute faith that as he recites the mantra he is taking himself closer to Shree Ram (The Lord) and is gradually becoming a subject of His Grace. A disciple who recites the Mantra with this conviction will ultimately become one with the Brahm (the Celestial).


Just as a plant bears Fruit as a result of the conjoining of soil, water, protection and environment similarly the spiritual growth of a devotee becomes suddenly quicker when there is a happy admixture of an unshakable faith (param vishwas), deep devotion (shradha) and self-discipline (sayam) against the backdrop of infallible environment (nirvikarta).

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