Jaap :

Reciting the Holy Name is the key to God. It leads to fulfillment and miraculous power. According to Swamiji, every Sadhak should repeat the Holy Name at least 10,000 times a day. Sadhak should gradually increase it. One can repeat the Holy Name while sitting, standing, walking, doing domestic chores. Let heart repeat the Name and hands remain busy in daily duties.

 Akhand Jaap :

Non-stop Recitation of Ram-Naam is known as Akhand Jaap .It can be kept for any duration as per one’s convenience. Day-and-night Jaap for a fixed number of hours/days/weeks or months are kept by the devotees in their homes or by the Organization in the Ashrams. A Sadhak should whole-heartedly participate in such opportunities.

Mala : Rosary

Mala is given to every Sadhak by the Guru while giving Deeksha. It should be profusely used as per Guru’s guidelines. It keeps our mind absorbed in Jaap. It stabilizes the flitting nature of mind and we remain absorbed in Jaap. However, the Sadhakas are free to do Jaap with or without Mala. There is no breach or violation of code. But mala remains an important adjunct of a Sadhak. Mala brings mind back to Simran. It is a constant reminder in the hand of a Sadhak whose mind is likely to get lost in worldly thoughts. It is a well-known habit of mind to get lost in Maya(delusion). Mala re-rails the derailed mind. It is a noiseless whip for the mind.

It becomes a constant & dependable companion in weal and woe. It becomes an integral & inseparable part of a devotee.

Dhyan : Meditation

Meditation is a very subtle process. It awakens right discrimination or Vivek. It generates concentration of Mind, purifies our Intellect, gives peace of mind & bliss. Our Soul merges with the Supreme Soul i.e. God. The new Sadhak should sit in meditation before Adhishtan , invoke Sri Ram by reciting Namaskar Saptak, start meditation and at the end, bow again to Sri Ram. This sitting may last for 15 minutes in the morning and in the evening every day at fixed timings. Time can be gradually increased. He should follow the method of meditation as explained by the Guru.

Adhishtan :

Swami Satyanandji Maharaj was one of the very few rare saints who have achieved God-Realization while worshiping the “Formless”. But for ordinary people it is an extremely difficult to worship and ruminate on something which we cannot feel, see, listen or touch.

The Divine Form of God, envisioned by Maharaj, as picturised by him on paper is known as ADHISHTAN. The literal meaning of the word Adhishtan is Adhar, the basis of one’s devotion. It is the facsimile of the Divine Vision of Swami Satyanandji’s Enlightenment.

Photography and copying of ‘Adhishtan’ are forbidden. Its open public display is inadvisable. It should be respectfully kept under wraps (except during worship)

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