Swamiji Maharaj’s Birthday :

The birthday of our Spiritual Master Swami Saytanand Ji Maharaj is celebrated as per the Hindu calendar, on the ‘Shukal Puranmasi’ of the Indian month of ‘Chaitra’ (usually April). At this occasion Sadhna Satsang and Akhand Jaap are organized at the Gohana Ashram, the conclusion of which is done in the satsang amongst all the devotees.


Vyas Puja (Guru Purnima) :

In Hindu religion and culture, the day of Guru Purnima has a very special significance. For us, this is the most auspicious day, as it was on this day in the year of 1925 that Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj was blessed with God-Realization at Param Dham Dalhousie. This day is celebrated at Gohana Ashram with much fervor, where devotees in multitude from all places flock to celebrate this day by paying their love and respects to Swamiji Maharaj.
There is absolutely no ostentatious displays of reverence towards the Master .No material offerings are accepted. The best gifts presentable to Guru are petals of Love & Devotion expressed through Jaap. Akhand Jaap is organized and the concluding prayer is rendered in the satsang.

Pujya Pitaji Maharaj’s Birthday :

Pujya Pitaji’s birthday falls on the 2nd of October and is celebrated at Gohana Ashram where Akhand Jaap is organized. Sometimes it also coincides with the ‘Navratas’ while the annual Ramayani Satsang is going on at Ludhiana, Punjab.
No one is allowed to offer any material gifts or presents. The most valuable gift which we can give him is the commitment towards living a simple and pious life based on the principles of ‘Truth and Simplicity’ which are the true gifts of Pitaji’s to all of us.

New Year Eve’s Celebration :

What better way to celebrate the New Year than, chanting Ram Ram.
At New Year’s Eve, each year, Satsang is organized at Gohana Ashram, where under the benign Presence of Pitaji Maharaj, Krishan Ji and Rekhaji, the devotees recite Amritwani and Bhajans . The excitement and enthusiasm of the devotees at that time are overwhelming. As the clock strikes 12, the entire congregation resonates with ‘Ram Nam’ sung in unison by all. The devotees thereby celebrate the dawn of New Year with the invigorating discourses of Pitaji & Krishan Ji and the Bhajans of Rekhaji, which fill one’s heart & soul with a hope of a blissful & bright future.

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