Introduction :

During the whole year Pitaji Maharaj along with Krishan Ji and Rekhaji, tour across the country, sometimes also visiting the most obscure and hard-to-reach places, carrying out the work entrusted upon him by Swamiji Maharaj.
But on special occasions tens of thousands of people congregate at the Gohana Ashram to celebrate these occasions in the benign presence of Pujya Pitaji Maharaj.
At these satsangs one can see a sea of humanity, with people from different walks of life, converging at a single place, singing together Ram Ram. The single factor binding all of them is Love; love for ‘Ram-Naam’, love for Swamiji Maharaj, and love for each other.
Devotees start arriving a day or twoprior to these events. Proper arrangements for food and living are available for those arriving at the Ashram, to be a part of the Satsang.

Puranahuti of 90-Day Akhand Jaap :

Although Akhand Jaap at Gohana Ashram is organized throughout the year on daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis, but the 90-day Akhand Jaap which goes on from mid-December to mid-March, every year, has its own appeal and importance. Most of the time Pujya Pita Ji Maharaj stays in the Ashram during these 90 days and there are at least three to four satsangs every day, where the recitation of scriptures like Amritwani , The Geeta, Bhakti Prakash and Ramayan is carried out. Devotees from all over the world try to come to the Gohana Ashram during this time to participate in this Maha Yagya. Devotees representing various cities volunteer to render their Sewa (services).

As per their convenience people come and go during 90 days. Some stay for a few days, some for weeks and some fortunate ones for the entire span of three months. Anyone who comes here during these days can experience an ambiance of Sadhna Satsang. It is everyone’s earnest desire to be present during the conclusion of this Maha Yagya (Puranahuti Satsang) which is mostly in the second or third week of March(on a Sunday). Pujya Krishan Ji and Pujya Rekha Ji bring the Akhand Jyoti to the Satsang where the Puranahuti Prayer (the concluding prayer) is rendered by Pita Ji Maharaj in presence of tens of thousands of devotees.

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