Early Life(Rekha Ji):

Rekhaji is a consort to Pujya Krishan Ji. She is the dauthter of Shri Ram Prakash Kakkar and Smt.Lajjawati of Jalandhar. She was born on Nov. 7, 1949. She was second among the four siblings in the family. Her parents were deeply religious sadhaks (devotees) and used to go regularly to Sri Ram Sharnam, Jallandhar.Rekhaji had been very adventurous since her childhood; she loved accepting challenges of life. She has a passion for classical music, dance, drama, art, painting and interior decoration and is addicted to reading quality literature. After her marriage, she started an English-medium school at Gohana and made it a great success.

Guru Kripa :

The spiritually surcharged environment at her in-laws’ home and the sumtotal of previous ‘sanskars’ ignited in her devotion and yearning for the Divine. She was given Deeksha by Pujya Pitaji during Shravani Satsang at Haridwar on 25th July 1972. Over the years, she accompanied Pujya Pitaji at Satsangs held at different places far and near. About Pitaji, she observes: “He is a father at home, a farmer in the fields, a citizen on the road and a Guru at the pulpit.”

Winsome and Sublime :

Rekhaji is always wrapped in smiles. Her winsome smiles endear her to her devotees. Love, affection, empathy and understanding radiate from her and that makes thousands of people throng around her all the time. People affectionately address her Maa ji. Not a single soul remains untouched when she sings at the feet of her Master during huge congregations, elevating each one present to new spiritual heights. She attributes this to the power of Simran of “Ram” and the grace of Swamiji Maharaj & Pitaji Maharaj.With no cloak of a Sadhvi, Sarvpriya Maa ji moves in a graceful saree, looks like any other Indian woman. She is at once different when she opens her mouth. She talks a little but talks straight. She is simple, straight and sublime.

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