Early Life :

Shri Krishan was born on September 20, 1946 in Chakk Jhumra, a village in Jhang Distt.(now in Pakistan). He was not even one year old, the family had to shift to India as a result of the Partition. It was a period of great hardship on both sides of the border. The Vij family had to shift to Amritsar, Nawanshehar, Panipat and finally to Gohana. It was allotted land in Gohana in exchange for the vast land left behind by them in Pakistan. The family had to work very hard for rehabilitation. As a kid, Krishan completed his school education in Gohana. He did B.Sc. He did his LL.B from Panjab University, Chandigarh in 1968. After completion of his studies Pujya Krishan Ji took over the domestic responsibilities of his father .This gave Pujya Pita Ji more time and opportunity to be fully involved in carrying out the great task assigned to him by Swami Ji Mahraraj. On Nov. 20, 1971, Shri Krishan Ji and Rekhaji were wed locked to the great delight of Pitaji and Beeji. Krishan Ji believes in a very practical approach to life. Having led his life as a farmer, he values toil & hard work. He is an avid sportsman and is regular in tennis, badminton and swimming.

 Guru Kripa :

 On July 11, 1958, when Krishan Ji was just 12 years old, he got formally initiated by the great spiritual master, Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj who was like both a Guru and a grandfather to him. In almost all the letters written to Pujya Pitaji , Swamiji Maharaj used to inquire about Krishan Ji’s well-being and his studies. Krishan Ji has been an exceptionally fortunate one to have spent his childhood in the divine guardianship of the great saints, with Swamiji as his mentor and Pujya Pitaji as his father.Pujya Krishan Ji has had the honor to attend many Sadhna Satsangs of Swami Ji Maharaj. Recalling his fond memories of the Haridwar Sadhna Satsang, he says, that he used to stay in the same room along with Pujya Pita Ji Maharaj, Pujya Prem Ji Maharaj , Chowdhary Mehar Singh & Dr. Beri. Pujya Sethiji Maharaj loved him a lot and used to take him along for swimming in the holy river Ganga.

 Simple and Accessible :

Today as Pujya Krishan Ji heads a large following as a spiritual guide, he sticks to his usual pants, belt and shirt. He loves to move as before like an ordinary man.He has no trappings or outer signs of a god man. He is a different man when he delivers a discourse. Couched in chaste Hindi, flowing freely like a fresh mountain river, well-worded and down-to-earth simple and clear, his discourse hits the bull’s eye and touches the strings of mind and yet without any claptrap.He is a liberal. But he is uncompromising on discipline and punctuality. He is against all superstitions, common fears and popular taboos. He advocates a rational, holistic and simple approach in life. He is Saral (down-to-earth simple), Sulabh (accessible to one and all) and Sunamra (humble).

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