Introduction (Pujya Pitaji) :

Clad in spotless white Kameej-and-Pyjama, a waistcoat & a creamy shawl on shoulders, thin and lean in body, smart in gait, soft-yet-firm in speech, straight in walk and talk, Pujya Pitaji(Revered Father) is the cynosure of all eyes. People in general and devotees in particular, love him, adore him, nay spread their eyes at his holy feet. Men, women and children throng him wherever he goes. An agriculturist by profession, Pitaji has been leading a very simple life. He advocates that one should lead a life of simplicity, dignity and self-respect.

Pujya Pitaji often says, ‘He is extremely grateful to Pujya Prem Ji Maharaj and Pujya Shakuntala Maa Ji for the love & respect given to him by them in their lifetime.’

He further says , ‘It is the power of “RAM” Naam and “Guru-Kripa” (Glory of the Master) which attracts thousands of people to him .Whatever benefits they receive and whatever they see in him is the Glory of “RAM” Naam and of Swamiji Maharaj.

Early Life : The true disciple of Swami Satyanandji, the founder of Sri Ram Sharnam Gohana and the beloved Pujya Pitaji(Revered Father) of the masses, Bhagat Hans Raj was born on October 2, 1916 in an affluent family at Chinyot in District Jhang ( now in Pakistan). His father, Shri Gopal Dass Vij & mother Smt.Lakshmi Devi were of religious bent of mind. He had three brothers and three sisters. It was a prosperous family. He was just eight years old when he lost his father. His mother was deeply devoted to the Divine and she started living in Haridwar in total dedication to God. In this way, he was brought up by his grandfather, Lala Barkatshah who led a very princely and opulent life, he had an extensive business and the young Hans learnt the basics of business from his grandfather.

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