Ashram :

Ashram is a sanctuary where one gets protection when one is unprotected. It is a place where one gets Prem, Vatsalya &Karuna. These are the three idols of an Ashram. It is a place where one finds liberation from one’s fears, doubts and miseries. Buildings and gardens alone do not constitute a real ashram.Thus, Ashram is a place where we get spiritual pleasure and where the worldly comforts, even though available, do not affect our mind or psyche.

Eden On Earth :

Sri Ram Sharnam Ashram Gohana is a dream Ashram where the entire scenario is so surcharged with Ram-Naam that one feels the difference. And this feeling is believing. Here the whiffs of breeze filtered through its whole medley of trees, plants and flowers are a panacea for all worldly ills, ailments and afflictions. You will return home both with a healthy Mind and a healthy Body. Countless trees, numberless plants and multicolored flowers vie with one another to add to the beauty of the place. The lush lawns, the intertwined trees, clean pathways with flowers on all sides, speak volumes for the landscape.

Tapobhoomi (Land of Penances) :

Swamiji visited Gohana and held a Satsang in the makeshift thatched hall on November 11, 1959 i.e. a year before his Mahasamasdhi. Unwittingly, the hall turned out to be octagonal (eight-sided) and Swamiji highly praised Pujya Pitaji and his team. Maharajji was delighted and said, “ I have never seen such a beautiful Hall(It was temporary). Normally, a hall is four-sided, but it is eight-sided.” Today, the Jaap Room at Gohana is also octagonal.The foundation stone for the Ashram was laid on Nov. 5,1987. Now this Ashram has become the marvel of architecture, design and landscape. This has become a place of pilgrimage for the devotees and others. Here Ram Jaap goes on throughout the year but 90-day Akhand Jaap (non-stop day-and-night Jaap) has become an annual feature. Multitrillion beads of rosaries year after year generate powerful spiritual energy. It is nothing short of a Tapobhoomi.

Satvik Jeevan (Holy Life) :

Life in the Ashram enjoins a strict discipline on the devotees. Devotees have to observe a strict time-table. No newspapers, no magazines, no T.V., no radio, no outside tours or picnics are allowed. Routine disciplined life, reading of scriptures, observance of silence, simple food, service to others, and spiritual practices are the main facets of the life in the Ashram. There is accommodation for about 700 people in the ashram. The Hut-shaped cottages give a feeling of a modern hermitage. Everybody keeps one’s room clean and tidy.The dining hall is kept clean and it serves simple, nutritious and Satvik food to the devotees . Cleanliness, orderliness and purity are the essence of the Ashram. After prior permission devotees can stay here for “Sadhna”.

                             Timings for Dining Hall
Breakfast : 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.
Lunch : 12 noon to 2 p.m.
Dinner : 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Bells are rung 15 minutes before scheduled times.

To meet the urgent needs, the following facilities are available :

General Store, Canteen, P.C.O, ST.D. & I.S.D. and Book Store where the scriptures of Swamiji, CDs, cassettes of Amritvani, Bhajans etc are available.

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