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A Simple Pathway to God : Sri Ram Sharnam, stands for the spiritual refuge, asylum or sanctuary of Sri Ram where turmoils, trials, tribulations, tensions and anxieties tend to disappear and you are in a spiritual habitat of peace, purity, serenity, selflessness and total dedication to Lord Ram. The present era is known as the Age of Anxiety, topsy-turvy values,Doubting Thomases, Sri Ram Sharnam is an answer as well as antidote for all these ills. Sri Ram Sharnam is a hassle-free pathway to God and it gives equal respect to all religions, sects, creeds & folds. It does not propound any rites or rituals. It is the path of Love & Devotion which helps oneself to improve one's worldly and spiritual life by achieving oneness with GOD. It is based on the Sanatan belief of times immemorial. The Origin : Sri Ram Sharnam is a forum for the genuine devotees. It was evolved by Swami Satyanandji Maharaj, our Mentor & Spiritual Master, who like all true Masters, was a self-effacing, self-abnegating and God-realized Saint of the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1925, after long and arduous prayers, Swami Satyanand Ji Maharajwas blessed with the Realization of God, revealed to him in the Holy Name, "RAM" in the most radiant and resonant form at Param Dham, Dalhousie(Himachal Pradesh, India). In 1928, Swamiji, with Divine Blessings started giving Deeksha(Initiation). He used to traverse long distances and doled out Deeksha to the genuine seekers. Sri Ram Sewak Sangh : To spread Ram Naam far and wide, Swamiji, in December 1936, handpicked five from his painstaking disciples to form Shree Ram Sewak Sangh . On the banks of the Holy Ganga, Swamiji and his five disciples took a vow to dedicate their lives to spread the Holy Name "RAM" and thus, promote theism. These five disciples were: Bhagat Hansraj (Pitaji), Sh.Vaishnav Das, Sh.Ram Krishan, Swami Ramanand and Swami Raja Ram. Since then Bhagat Hansraj (Pitaji), the only survivor of the Shree Ram Sewak Sangh, had been untiringly engaged in the spread of Ram-Naam as ordained by Swamiji, by holding Satsangs far and near. Under his guidance and blessings, many humanitarian activities are being carried out and charitable institutions have been set up. On the auspicious occasion of Vyas Purnima, in the year 2000, Pujya Pitaji passed on the responsibility and duty of the spread of Ram-Naam to Pujniya Smt. Rekha Ji and Pujya Sh. Krishan Ji, the disciple of Swami Satyanandji Maharaj. The Mooldhara (Pristine Philosophy) : Today, though the following of Swamiji Maharaj has increased manifold, yet the basic emphasis is to preserve the original & pristine philosophy of Swamiji Maharaj. The Organization believes in the self-imposed discipline to hold on fast the principles of Swamiji and not to deviate from the Mooldhara or the Gangotri.

Message on the Birthday of  Brahmleen Pujya Pitaji Maharaj (English)

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